Materials that actually prove useful for Front Doors of Homes!

It is somehow true that entry door reflects the taste of residents and that is why homeowners try to pay special attention to the designing of the door. Well, the quality of the material is also vital to consider because the durability of the door depends on the material you choose. A door can’t keep the premises secure if it is not made with a sturdy material whereas insulation and longevity of entry door also depend on the quality of material used for the manufacturing. So, make sure that you know enough regarding the types, uses, and advantages of materials.


Almost all of us are familiar with wood as it is found everywhere in the world however its uses vary as per its types. Some trees are cut down for making tables while others are used for manufacturing doors, chairs, bed, sofas, etc. So, when you go to buy a door, it is indispensable to ask about the type of wood. Teak is a common type of wood and is usually found in brownish or blackish colour however it has a fine level of durability.

Deodar is known as the strongest type of wood and is bit expensive. Shisham is also a famous type because it resists fungus attacks. Sal is not very expensive however its weight is quite heavy. In short, if you do a bit research, you’ll definitely reach the best type of wood door.


You might not be aware of PVC doors as most of the time; it is used for making pipes or frames however its refined form is used for manufacturing doors. It is more than a perfect option for those who have a limited budget. It not only provides security to residential places but it resists weather effects as well. 160 degree is the temperature at which, PVC starts melting and this is high enough for most of the regions.


The first thing that comes to mind is the sturdiness and durability of iron. Yes, iron is undoubtedly perfect material for front doors in Nottingham however it needs extra care for maintenance because it is highly prone to rust. You will need to choose a high-quality paint to protect the entry door from weather effects. Besides, if security is your main concern then you should definitely go for iron because it is not easily breakable and provides a marvellously perfect shelter.


If you are striving to install a door that shows high resistance against weather effects and has a high durability then aluminium should be your top priority. The main reason to invest in this door is its unique qualities and low cost. Majority of the homeowners and designers suggest aluminium due to its light weight, easy maintenance, and high resistance. During summer, the door stays cool and gives a comfortable use. Well, these doors are easy to design and you’ll find a large variety of colour scheme and styles. However, all these types are good enough to consider while choosing a front door for the house.