How to design garden paths of different landscape styles?

With a different type of interior designs of home, how can we forget the garden paths that need our attention too? In this blog, we are showing some exciting ideas for landscape styles. Just style up your home as per different designs. It is essential to connect their design with the environment – beds, front garden, house, and other elements – then any path will be appropriate and will complement. Material, color, shape, width – everything affects perception.

Tile path

This is ideal for a European landscape garden with alpine slides and rockeries. It perfectly frames the lawn, looks good in the shade of large trees, and the light. The natural tone of the track, without attracting excessive attention, allows you to focus on the beauty of the surrounding plants, and its smooth, natural outlines fit organically into the landscape.

Path with a geometric pattern

The pattern emphasizing the unusual shape of the track is created by combining tiles of different colors. This option is well suited for the modern garden, where plantings are arranged in a strict geometric order. The tile of the essential shades can be made independently.

Dark stone path

The dark surface and the expressive texture of the stone create a striking contrast with neat grass. Therefore this path is most suitable for a garden in which lawns take up a lot of space. She in itself draws attention, and its neighborhood with bright decorative elements can appear not too successful. Resin bound in Hertfordshire looks good with dark stone path. If you haven’t tried yet then do try and let us know.

Track with an intricate pattern

Carefully selected pebbles and cobblestones can become materials not only for spectacular panels but also for a natural garden path. Complex ornament turns it into an independent decorative element, therefore for such a way or a paved area in the garden it is better to free up the proper place in advance. If you want to grab the attention of people then go for experienced services and perfect artificial lawns is the best choice for the track with an intricate pattern.

Path of large stones

Ideal for the minimalist look. Its smooth surface is stunning and expressive against the background of a bulk coating of lighter shades, which is often used in this style. The path does not necessarily have to be flush with the guard.